• Sky Christmas Ident

    As Lead Artist at Fishblowing Bubbles we produced 5 christmas shorts for Sky television in winter 2010. Apart from supervising the team, i developed the look, shading, lighting and final rendering in Maya V-Ray.





  • Drawings

    scan_0043 scan_0041 scan_0040 scan_0039 scan_0038 scan_0037 scan_0036 scan_0035 scan_0028 scan_0026 scan_0025 scan_0024 scan_0023 scan_0022 scan_0021 scan_0017 scan_0016 scan_0015 scan_0011 scan_0001 scan_0006 - Kopie scan_0005 scan_0002 scanAt first let recycle the past. So here goes a collection of drawings from imagation and anatomy studies from 2011.

  • Welcome

    After a long time, I finally made all tweaks to the template. So here goes Portfolio v.1.0 🙂